About Us

Conceptualized and established in 1985, Express Line Corporation (ELC), a privately owned company, has successfully lived up to its ideals:  excellent service, competitive rates, and reliability.


Focusing on these goals for the past 35 years, Express Line has efficiently provided unparalleled services through its highly trained staff. “Only the best” has been the guiding principle of each and every member in the ELC family. We take our responsibility of arranging the transport of each shipment from point of origin to destination extremely seriously. The global shipping community has continuously entrusted our company with its logistics needs.

Neither our local nor our international clients have ever had to worry about the usually-costly expenses associated with shipping goods, because we have always offered competitive rates. Because of this, new and old clients have consistently chosen Express Line Corporation among the countless freight forwarders available worldwide.

We are a certified member of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and have been acclaimed as a reputable forwarder by the Department of Commerce and Industry. In keeping with our highly regarded standing, Express Line has enhanced our export and import programs to address more client-related needs and requirements.

Our company’s service has remained steadfast amidst the unpredictable world economic climate. Express Line remains an innovator in the freight forwarding industry, striving to deliver excellent customer-friendly communication that is coupled with our unmatched efficiency in service. Our numerous clients and agents from Asia and Europe alike can attest to this fact.

Rest assured that Express Line Corporation can provide you with consistently excellent service.

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